10 Dec 2015

No Respite on Social Media After ISIS Attacks in Paris

Posted by Wandren PD


Despite increasing efforts by western governments and social media providers to counter ISIS online, ISIS  continues to produce and disseminate large quantities of ideologically inspired audio visual content and information.

At this pivotal moment, the U.S. counter-messaging operation “is in disarray,” according to Will McCants, a Middle East scholar at the Brookings Institution. A recent report has surfaced questioning US social media strategy against ISIS only months after a previous memo reported in the New York Times concluded:that the Islamic State’s violent narrative — promulgated through thousands of messages each day — has effectively “trumped” the efforts of some of the world’s richest and most technologically advanced nations.  These conclusions echo the findings of research published in October 2014. This is a far cry from wildly optimistic appraisals that appeared in September 2014, in which at least one journalist claimed their research had revealed:

It’s very clear now that Twitter suspensions have seriously degraded IS ability to game hashtags and distribute content.— J.M. Berger (@intelwire) September 20, 2014

Even this year, the same commentators have questioned the “purported resilience” of the ISIS social network, regardless of the uninterrupted, large-scale and ongoing content dissemination.

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